The K-JAZZ Radio Network signal covers all of the northern tier of Arizona from multiple transmitting sites. The high elevation placement of the K-JAZZ Radio Network's fully digital transmission systems accounts for the huge geographical area and large population served by this state-of-the-art broadcasting facility.

89.5 - KJZA -Williams/Grand Canyon/Flagstaff
90.1 - KJZP - Prescott/Prescott Valley/Tri-Cities Area
90.7 - KJZK - Kingman/Laughlin/Las Vegas Area
91.3 - KJZA - Flagstaff/Munds Park/Sedona

NOTE: Your radio's FM tuner, antenna quality, and the physical geography of your location, may affect the clarity of your reception.
Signal Coverage


Feature Programs

  • Overnight Jazz
    Monday - Friday
    12am - 2am
  • BBC World Service News
    Monday - Saturday
    6am - 8am
  • American Routes
    Saturday 8am - 10am
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge
    Sunday: 6am - 8am
  • E-Town Radio
    Sunday: 6pm - 7pm